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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Security Protection virus. How to remove it manually for free

Security Protection is the virus program. Outwardly it is just the same as Malware Protection rogue. Do you know that if your computer is infected with such types of malwares you can get rid of them (Security Protection and Malware Protection) for free, at no cost at all? This is the mission of my blog - to help users get rid of viruses for free. For this purpose I have prepared the video guide, quite a simple one to understand and to follow. Please watch the video and delete Security Protection or Malware Protection virus at once!


  1. Hi thanks for your post, somehow the procedure did not work on my computer
    I have downloaded Kaspersky Antivirus installed the 1 month trial and it detected the trojans. Basically the file is located in c:\system volume information\_Restore...... and is named A0001026.exe and other 2 files are located in the Windows directory named ntoibdyd.dll & 16....1792.exe

  2. Hi! Can you send me the scan log file of Kaspersky Antivirus? This example showed how the removal works for Windows XP. From the comments at YouTube it is obvious that this video helped many users. I am sorry it didn't help you.

  3. The video did not work for me on Windows 7 for "Privacy Protection" malware. I managed to open windows task manager by renaming a copy of it on desktop to "explorer" by right clicking and going to properties. Now I just have to figure out what the .exe file for it actually is. Hope this helps anyone else having trouble!