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Friday, October 28, 2011

Windows – Delayed Write Failed deceitful warning

Windows – Delayed Write Failed
Failed to save all the components for the file \System32\[random name]. The file is corrupted or unreadable. This error may be caused by a PC hardware problem.

Windows – Delayed Write Failed is the message which is often received by many computers nowadays whose systems got some way or another infected with System Restore virus. It should be noted that this message comes up right before user actually encounters the very virus program. But the peculiarity of it is that this fake warning comes up several times simultaneously, without any real grounds for such multiple occurrences. Please keep in mind that, just as it was already mentioned, this message in its entirety is far away from the truth, does not have anything to do with the real status of your file system. It is just the next shameless trick on how to force user into thinking that something allegedly is going really wrong with his/her computer. The truth, however, is that this the warning originated by System Restore virus for the purpose of scaring users into purchasing the fake hard drive defragmentation program bearing the name of SystemRestore. Please be not deceived by such message and make sure to completely ignore it. Finally, go ahead and remove it immediately at the very first detection. The removal of this virus with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer is shown in the video tutorial below, however, there are two additional programs to be run in order to restore your messed up file and folder system. They are called GridinSoft Unhider and GridinSoft Restore. The instructions on how to use all these three applications for removal of System Restore malware and of fake Windows – Delayed Write Failed message are provided in the video tutorial. The links are given below. Good luck to you in removal of this scareware, and, of course, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you require our help.

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GridinSoft Unhider download link:

GridinSoft Restore download link:

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