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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cloud AV 2012. Virus uninstall process

Cloud AV 2012 brings no good news to you and your PC. It will tell you about your PC being infected, whereas it is most probably the only serious infection available inside of your computer so far. The sad reality, however, is that Cloud AV 2012 would tell you that it is the cutting-edge security solution able to get rid of all possible virus threats, but the truth is that this is simply the rogue anti-virus software elaborated for the purpose of scaring users. When this hoax gets successfully installed onto your computer it would modify your registry settings in such a manner that it will be launched automatically – each time you turn your PC on. Once the PC is up and running Cloud AV 2012 would initiate the series of fictitious system scans reporting thousands of infections and threats allegedly spotted by it. Do not trust any piece of such misleading information. The reason why you are told of such unreal viruses is because Cloud AV 2012 actually wants to scare you, to make you think that your system is in a desperate condition. Then, on this basis, it would tell that it can delete all those bogus malwares if only you pay for it. This trick is the fraudulent technique aimed to get money from you for nothing good in response. Cloud AV 2012 is a useless helper and powerless anti-virus guard. It has no decent armor to become your real anti-malware defense.

The issue of successful removal of this virus threats is “on the lips” of many security sites and blogs. They all say that they would actually remove this virus. Some of them offer free removal of Cloud AV 2012 malware. No doubt, many of the programs promoted by these blogs are really powerful and some of them are free indeed. We have developed the powerful anti-virus software able to fight against malwares like Cloud AV 2012. The program recommended by us is called GridinSoft Trojan Killer. You may use its full version and have the malware tool removed completely. Or you may use other anti-virus programs which would perform the virus removal for free. The choice is all yours. Below please find the excellent video guide on how to eliminate Cloud AV 2012 hoax using the paid licensed version of Trojan Killer.

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