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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to remove System Fix virus successfully

This post is meant to tell you about System Fix virus. Why is it virus? Because it comes to your computer by means of Trojan horses, browser exploit techniques and without actually asking for your permission or consent. Then it does not let you run some important programs, like Task Manager, for example, in order to terminate its virus process and uninstall it. You also cannot access your files and folders, icons, shortcuts, etc. just because System Fix hides them - so that you would think that your PC is in serious trouble. It does all it can to prevent you from finding the decent anti-virus program which would be able to remove it.

The results of System Fix activity on your PC are indeed devastating. Not only it hides icons, files and folders, as well as the programs as it was described above, but System Fix, in addition, gets started with each Windows logon. Then you would have to permanently face its many popups, ads, fake messages and other notifications telling about various kinds of problems and errors supposedly discovered by this rogue during its fake scan. These reports are all similarly fake and must not be trusted by you.

The only goal of System Fix virus is to convince you that the fake reports it gives you are true. Then it would try to persuade you to purchase its full version. This is the only aim of System Fix so far. Do not trust this hoax. Watch how to remove this trojan from your computer in the similar video tutorial below. For automatic removal of this infection download GridinSoft Trojan Killer,update, install and run it as shown in the below-given section. The video guide also contains tips on how to restore your hidden data back to previous status.

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