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Monday, November 7, 2011

System Security 2012 virus – scam to beware of

System Security 2012 fake anti-virus application is not able at all to assist you when it comes to real virus removal. Unfortunately, some users have become its victims by having already purchased this rogue security tool. Yesterday we had a chance to communicate with one user who actually confirmed that he purchase this bogus application. He said that the program reported plenty of viruses and told him that he heeds to buy its full version in order to have all those viruses removed. What a say event indeed. This person, just as many other users, trusted this hoax application which claimed to remove all the threats and viruses supposedly identified by it. The reality is, however, that, first of all, such infections and viruses do not exist in reality. In spite of the nice-looking GUI of this program it is not capable at all of helping users eliminate real security threats and fix real problems. By the way, we will not be mistaken if we admit that most probably System Security 2012 was the only virus threat that in fact made its dwelling inside of that user’s workstation. Therefore, in order to have this malware program removed, please ignore all the fake security statements, warnings, ads and notifications originated by it. Just make sure to totally disregard them all. Then please take your time and carefully watch the virus removal video in order to delete this hoax tool from your system. In spite of the nice name selected for this rogue tool it is the total opposite when we dig deep inside of it. Please watch the removal video guide aimed to assist you in removing this threat from your machine.

System Security 2012 removal video:


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