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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Privacy.exe malware process termination

Privacy.exe is the main executable of Privacy Protection virus infecting thousands of PCs worldwide. Since the very first day it was introduced into the cyber world this malware has been spreading by leaps and bounds. As soon as this rogue security program is successfully installed onto infected machine without user’s consent or approval it would immediately initiate its bogus system scan with horrible yet fake reports. The only reason why this malware presents all such scary information is because it wants you to be convinced that something is really bad with the security status of your machine. Then, on this basis, it would tell you that Privacy Protection is allegedly the only right solution for you to choose. However, when you actually click “Remove” button to delete unreal threats detected by it the program would not let you do it unless you first pay for it. The saddest fact, however, is that Privacy Protection scam cannot delete any real threats. Neither can it identify them on a timely basis or warn you about their infiltration attempts. So, you are actually dealing with a totally useless and senseless program when it comes to real anti-malware protection. Privacy.exe, as we have already stated, implies the main process of this virus. Numerous attempts have been made by various users in order to terminate it. However, if you try to do it Privacy Protection would not allow this attempt of yours to stop its evil plot. So, even if you try to open Task Manager you would fail, being blocked by the malware program. Removal of Privacy Protection is actually impossible without first terminating privacy.exe as its core executable. Below please find the excellent video tutorial on how to get rid of this scam easily, without any essential difficulties.

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