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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

System Check virus. How to remove

System Check virus, the successor of System Fix malware, is the continuation of the series of many other fake system defragmenters of which we told earlier. Bear in mind that this rogue is, of course, not the program that you should have on your PC. It will not only considerably pervert your computer but also can damage it and, moreover, it is meant to steal your money by means of tricking and deceiving you. Therefore, this hoax is not the program that you should purchase. Keep out of it and get rid of it immediately.

Here is what System Check does when it penetrates to your system. First of all, it tunes up your computer in such a manner that this hoax will be launched automatically with every Windows startup. Also, it would change the theme of your desktop to just a black-color one, and would hide your desktop icons, files and folders, as well as the folders in the “Start” menu. Moreover, the files and folders in other locations of your computer would also be hidden. You will simply see the empty folders with no content. What a surprise indeed! The malware does all this in order to make you think that something is going really wrong with your computer. It would arrange fake system scan which would report the same fake report about problems and errors available on your computer. Then the scam would offer you to pay for its full version which, according to the promises of it, can fix all detected errors. Be not deceived! In reality there are no such problems reported by it. Most probably the only problem available with your computer is System Check. Hidden files and folders, missing desktop, missing icons – this is all the job of this virus.

If your computer has been infected with System Check you definitely need to do something with this. Do not tolerate this malware inside of your machine. Do not postpone the removal of this type of malware for some later day. The more you loiter the worse things would finally be with your computer. We recommend you to remove this virus using GridinSoft Trojan Killer. It is not a free application, however, it is able to overcome the malicious influence of System Check and remove it quickly and effectively. Please watch the video showing how to remove the malwares of such type. You may restore your missing files, icons and folders as described in the same video guide. Good luck to you, and may your system be virus-free.

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