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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Windows Privacy Module, its description and removal

Windows Privacy Module belongs to the category of those programs that are dangerous for your system. This is why, when you see this malicious tool on your PC, make sure to ignore whatever it tells you. The information this scam reports to you is totally fabricated and not true. This rogue acts quite predictable and similar to many of its other predecessors. For example, it enters your PC in a hidden manner and doesn’t care at all whether you want to see it or not. It aims to bring you to the fake payment processing page where you will be asked to buy its fake licensed version. The reason why the hoax wants you to buy it is because it first reports various fake infections to you, thinking that you will be really scared. However, having read this information, you’re totally aware of how dangerous this pest is and that you must delete it from your computer without hesitation.

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