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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Data recovery after virus attack. How to restore hidden and missing files

There are many viruses in the online world today that cause the tremendous problems of missing and hidden data. This problem is caused by a special type of malware that is referred to as fake hard drive defragmenter, also known as fake HDD. In other words, there are viruses that presents themselves as fake system optimization utilities and try to steal funds from users. As examples we think of File Restore, File Recovery, Data Recovery and many other similar malwares. File Restore, by the way, is the latest example of Fake HDD tool.

When fake HDD threats (malware programs) actually attack your system then indeed hide the majority of the information on your PC. This is done by adding hidden attributes to your files. In addition, the malware places all your important data into the folder that was specifically created by it.

Making the long story short, you need to do something with your hidden data, because you need such data. In order to restore your files, make sure that you run these two free utilities from GridinSoft LLC - GridinSoft Unhider and GridinSoft Restore.

Detailed removal guide:

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