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Monday, October 15, 2012

Ukash virus removal tool. How to unlock your system from ransomware

Ukash is not a virus. This is a good, well-known and reputable payment processing company that is very popular especially in Europe and in other continents of the world. It also operates in the US and Canada. It works in the form of special Ukash vouchers that can be bought at retail stores and many other locations. Users can transfer funds to others by means of indication of Ukash vouchers. Regretfully, hackers user the good name of Ukash system for reaching their malicious plots. They invented many ransomware infections (viruses) and now keep spreading them around the world. When the ransomware hits the PC it asks for some ransom to be paid in favor of these crooks. The way this ransom can be paid is via indication of Ukash voucher code. This is the reason why some users mistakenly think that Ukash is a virus. No, it is not a malware at all. Regretfully, hackers use this excellent service offered by Ukash company for reaching their covetous goals.

Ukash virus is often also referred to as the Police virus. The reason why this is so is because the text of the ransomware’s message is often presented as the one supposedly coming from the Police of some particular country. However, the police is not associated with this malware. The warning you see is a typical scam developed by online hackers who want to earn money by deceiving trusting users. We hope that this will never be the case with you. So, do not ever indicate any Ukash voucher codes when you see the similar ransomware messages in front of your screen. Do not send any Ukash voucher codes via emails you see at the screenshots of some particular ransomware warnings. Instead, please follow the guide below that will explain to you how exactly to remove this Ukash virus, also referred to as Police virus.

Removal guide:

Recommended software for ransomware removal:

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