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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Win 7 Security Pack Plus 2013. How to remove

Win 7 Security Pack Plus 2013 is another fake antivirus that comes to destroy your system, or at least to make it vulnerable to further virus attacks. Even though, in fact, the primary mission of this malware is to scare you with a lot of deceitful information about various fake threats detected by it, with the intention to persuade you to buy its full version. The truth, of course, is that the capabilities of this program are surely overestimated. It simply cannot render the desired level of security for your system. What it can simply do is just to report the bunch of fake infections that don’t even dwell on your system.

Win 7 Security Pack Plus 2013 doesn’t come to your system through legal paths. It uses various system vulnerabilities and leaks in it in order to find the door to the holy of holies of your computer. Once this goal is successfully accomplished, this scam modifies your system tremendously in order to be started automatically with every system startup. But this is, of course, not the only negative amendment. The program adds certain important and crucial registry entries that make it really difficult for you to remove this scam. As a result, you’re unable to launch Task Manager or run any legitimate and already installed security programs. In addition, running your browser (whatever type of it you have) might also be difficult and blocked by the rogue.

Fake scans of Win 7 Security Pack Plus 2013 are surely inevitable, since the malware is being launched automatically each time you turn your compute on. You should ignore the whole set of faulty and deceitful security statements, warnings and notifications expressed by this fake antivirus. It is not able to protect you. All threats it reports of are invented, and they simply don’t even dwell on your computer. Thus, don’t buy this scam. Purchasing it is a serious mistake, because in reality this is the loss of your funds. If you have already done so by mistake, please contact your good bank or other payment processing institution and ask them to dispute the charge, saying that you’ve mistakenly purchased a rogue security software. The last but not the least, go ahead and scan your system with GridinSoft Trojan Killer to remove this scam completely and effectively. It is recommended that you first restart your system into safe mode with networking before doing this.

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