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Saturday, February 9, 2013

dbheuPYTtA.exe - malicious process of System Repair scam

dbheuPYTtA.exe is a virus process of System Repair malware. This is a hoax that imitates the features of some system optimization utility. It is also classified by many security blogs as fake hard drive defragmenter. When System Repair enters your computer it runs the fake scan of your computer and reports many bogus errors and bugs. It does this in order to trick you into thinking your file integrity is out of order and to prompt you to buy its full version as a solution to fix these fake bugs. But the worst thing about this fake HDD tool is that it hides your important files, pictures, folders and other important data. Nevertheless, these files have not been removed by the virus. They're located in a special smtmp folder, which has also been hidden by this scam.

dbheuPYTtA.exe is the process associated with System Repair virus. You cannot easily terminate it because the virus blocks Task Manager. The typical location of dbheuPYTtA.exe is C:\ProgramData\dbheuPYTtA.exe. This malware can be easily removed if you follow this removal guide -

Removal video:

Recommended software for rogue removal:

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