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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Disk Antivirus Professional - fake AV. Removal guide

Disk Antivirus Professional is a rogue security software. It comes to attacked computer without permission or even consent of user. Moreover, it perverts your system settings for the purpose of being launched automatically together with every system startup. Thus, this application is self-launched each time you turn your computer on. While it is started, the malware runs the fake scanning of your computer and later on reports the large number of fake threats supposedly detected by it (trojans, worms, adware, spyware, keyloggers, etc.). All such information reported by Disk Antivirus Professional isn't true. There are many other deceitful statements expressed by this scam. You shouldn't trust any facts asserted by this scam because Disk Antivirus Professional is a fake anti-malware utility developed by cyber hackers. It is, by the way, the direct successor of System Progressive Protection malware that has been previously described by us in several posts earlier.

The primary goal of Disk Antivirus Professional scam is to convince users to buy its fake and unreal license. The rogue says that your system is in danger and that the only solution you have is to buy its full version (which, by the way, is as useless as the trial one). Disk Antivirus Professional is surely a good name, but in reality this program isn't powerful at all to assist you in virus removal. What it can do is simply invent fake threats and then claim to detect them during the same fake scan. On the other hand, when real threats do attack your PC, this program will never be an effective solution for their elimination or prevention.

We hope that you will never be the victim of Disk Antivirus Professional malware. If you find this hoax on your computer please immediately seek for the proper solution to eliminate it on a timely basis. Don't buy its fake and helpless license. If you have already done so by mistake, please go ahead and dispute the charges made via your bank card. Finally, please follow the simple guidelines below to terminate the malicious process of Disk Antivirus Professional rogue and delete its associated files and registry entries from your computer.

2 important steps of Disk Antivirus Professional removal:

  • Terminating (stopping) the malicious process of fake AV.
  • Running security software (anti-virus) to delete all remnants associated with this scam.

Instructions on how to terminate the process of Disk Antivirus Professional scam:

  1. Enable the display of extensions.
  2. Run Explorer by clicking Win+E.
  3. Go to the folder --> C:\Windows\system32
  4. Copy two files --> cmd.exe and taskkill.exe and transfer them to your desktop.
  5. Rename those files on the desktop --> cmd.exe into explorer.exe and taskkill.exe into iexplore.exe.
  6. Run from the desktop renamed file cmd.exe (now explorer.exe).
  7. In the opened window type iexplore /FI "WINDOWTITLE eq Disk Antivirus Professional" /IM * /F
  8. Press "Enter".

Recommended software for rogue removal:

malware removal tool

Removal video at YouTube that explains how to remove Disk Antivirus Professional malware from your system:

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