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Monday, April 15, 2013

HD_video.exe ( may drop Urausy ransomware onto your system

There's a danger for certain online users these days of their computers being infected with a serous malware. This dangerous program is more often referred to as ransomware virus locker that belongs to the Urausy malware family. The Urausy installer is today being actively spread in the form of fake video codecs for watching some sinful video materials online. This installer most often has the names like HD_video.exe or When one opens this malicious file or unzips the archive and then opens its contents, the virus is brought into the system and the desktop is utterly locked with Urausy ransomware.

It is quite obvious that Urausy ransomware attacks computers whose users are engaged in watching a lot of sinful contents online (pornographic materials). So, if you want to prevent your system from being locked, don't watch such soul-destroying stuff over the Internet. Don't open any files named HD_video.exe or This is a fake video codec, by the way. After you launch this file the malware will be installed onto your system and the computer will be locked.

Be careful with ransomware virus lockers. They are especially popular these days. Urausy and Reveton are two large malware families that strike PCs these days. So, be careful. This virus is sometimes implanted into computers of users who have never watched anything sinful online. Yet, this scam may strike even their computers. If you indeed watched such information, then stop doing this, ignore the contents of the locker of your screen and remove this ransomware from your system as described in the guidelines below.

Removal guide:

Recommended software for rogue removal:

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