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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to fix browser redirect

Millions of users these days find the presence of on their browsers annoying. It is not a secret that is a new browser hijacker that has been developed recently by some people who want to earn money by promoting certain goods or services advertised at, together with the search results. Yet, this is surely an unfair practice to implant into browsers without user’s permission. This is exactly what happens in most of the cases. This browser hijacker implants itself without letting user know, secretly, instantaneously.

The problem with is that this thing can’t be removed within one click of a mouse. You can’t find the uninstaller of this hijacker in your Control Panel. And, most probably, you will not even find it in the list of the add-ons of your browser. Running the security software only will not help you either. What you need to undertake is the series of some manual steps that will help you fix the problem of your browser redirection.

Remember that any browser may become hijacked by This relates to Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or even Google Chrome. No doubt, we all believe that the presence of as the default search page is very annoying. If this really bothers you as well please follow the system recovery tips described below.

Removal guide:

Recommended software for malware removal:

malware removal tool

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