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Friday, April 26, 2013

How to remove browser hijacker

Have you ever experienced the problem of your browser redirecting your search requests through other unwanted sites? If so, you probably know how annoying this issue of browser redirection is. The same emotions take place with users who have their browsers hijacked by To be more accurate, this is the browser add-on that has in mind to divert user’s attention to certain goods or products that are advertised together with the search results. Obviously, this is the combination of adware and browser hijacker that can’t be tolerated by users because of extremely pushy character of behavior on the attacked machine. So, how to uninstall off your machine?

Actually, in many cases users are themselves guilty of bringing into their system. How does this happen? Let’s say, one sunny day you sit in front of your computer browsing the web. Suddenly you see the offer to download certain application which, in your opinion, could be useful to have. In addition, it is absolutely free indeed. Thus, you immediately hit the “Download” button and install it. While installing the program you fail to notice that in addition to this very program the wizard also offers to install additional tools like, and possibly even some other extras. At this point you’ve made the mistake by not carefully reading what you actually install. Hence, there’s a large number of applications that are free, yet their installers are often bundled with the installers of browser add-ons that cause considerable browser redirection. These add-ons are easily implanted into your system and from now on they cause your search requests being forwarded via themselves. This is the exact case with You must be clever and careful not to let this add-on hijack your browser.

So, how to get rid of as the start page of your browser? First of all, make sure you are careful what you install initially. Always opt for the custom installation, instead of the default (express) one. To fix this problem of your browser redirecting you through, we first recommend you to remove anything associated with it in the Control Panel of your computer, in the section where you can add or remove programs. Also, remove any add-ons associated with If this doesn’t help you, please follow the guide below and additionally scan your system with reliable security software recommended below.

Removal guide:

Recommended software for malware removal:

malware removal tool

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