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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Remove redirect (browser hijacker)

You probably would like to know what Globososo really is, wouldn’t you? This, in fact, is a brand new PUP (potentially unwanted program) that causes continuous redirects of your browser. It substitutes your primary search engine, new tab page, as well as the home page, with its own one, called or also (more frequently) known as If you have a look at this web page, you will encounter that its design looks pretty much like any other search engine. It suggests web, images, videos and news search. owners and developers are from the company called Kingtale Technology Inc. According to their promises, they tell that they render the improved and enhanced search results from such search platforms as Google, Yahoo! and Bing by combining their results and getting rid of any duplicates. Well, we don’t know whether this is true of not. What we know is that the methods used by Globososo to implant itself into computers aren’t always fair.

When speaking of it’s worth mentioning that it is also associated with another browser hijacker called Govome, of which we previously written about in one of our articles. This domain is in the possession of a Hong Kong company named Big Journey Technology Co.,Ltd. It applies search engine aggregator and is hosted on Baidu (chinese search provider) cloud.

Globososo malware, just as any other browser hijacker, is generally spread through certain freeware applications that can be easily downloaded online. And this is what users actually do, but the problem is that the installers of these free applications are often bundled with the installer of Globososo toolbar. If this hijacker entered your system using such a method then it’s fully your responsibility and fault for its installation. You should have been more careful while installing such freeware programs, making sure you don’t install anything else by removing all kinds of browser add-ons like Globososo. Extra programs and add-ons are clearly reported to be installed by default and, therefore, a person can opt not to have them brought into your system. In fact, many users simply do not read the installation guidelines carefully, and thus they can’t find out how exactly redirects similar to the one implemented by Globososo virus take place on their workstations.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to reset your search provider, home page and new tab page by sticking to the common guidelines for browser settings. Browser hijackers are designed in a manner that teaches them to disregard these amendments. Initially, you should get rid of the toolbar and any files associated with it that can cause redirects. Search for anything associated with Globososo hijacker in Control Panel, the section where you can Add and Remove Programs. You must also get rid of any unknown browser extensions. Finally, if this didn’t help you, please follow the guidelines below for additional tips of fixing browser redirection issue that is taking place with your computer.

Screenshot of Globososo hijacker:

Removal guide:

Recommended software for malware removal:

malware removal tool

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