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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

System Care Antivirus (uninstall guide)

How to remove System Care Antivirus? Giving the right and complete answer to this question is essential for all computer users whose systems got stuck with this fake anti-malware tool. First, let us mention that this program is the direct successor of AVASoft Professional Antivirus, the rogue security application that was very active for the past 2 months or so. This particular malware, System Care Antivirus, does not use legal ways of entering computers. So, the ways it installs itself are illegal. In fact, users never take part in its infiltration process, since the rogue gets implanted into the system with poor security level with various vulnerabilities and security leaks exposed. If you try to remove System Care virus using the general software uninstall principles you will surely fail. You will not find the items associated with this programs in the section "Add/Remove Programs" of your Control Panel. Plus, when you try to uninstall System Care using available security software, the rogue will prevent you from doing so, saying that the file you're going to execute is infected. The same thing happens when you actually attempt to download some other security program online. The rogue will report all applications as malicious and thus dangerous for your system, including your browser, Task Manager, system commands, etc. System Care Antivirus removal is described in the tips below.

Due to the fact that the infiltration of System Care Antivirus is illegal this program uses other illegal practices on the attacked system. It tunes up the computer for the purpose of being self-launched automatically with every system startup. This is done by adding some registry entries that are responsible for such execution of the hoax. So, here you go and want to do something on your PC, and suddenly System Care Antivirus comes up. Surely, this is quite unusual for all users to encounter such a strange application that they've never installed. The malware automatically begins scanning your system for imitating cleaning of your PC from viruses. This is a fake scan, of course, as well as the report at the end of each scan. The reason why System Care Antivirus gives all such faulty information is because it wants to make you think your system is in a horrible condition. The malware will then surely instruct you to effect the payment for its so-called registration key or activation code, supposedly to remove the infected items detected. Please never make such a serious mistake in your life! Buying System Care Antivirus is a waste of money. There's a site through which the payment processing it initiated. It is called The trick of online crooks is that once the victim purchases the rogue called System Care Antivirus it is immediately replaced by a real security software bearing the same name. This was probably done by malware makers in order to reduce the level of chargebacks, or at least to be more "pure" and "clean" in the eyes of banks and payment processing companies accepting payments from deceived customers who actually purchased System Care Antivirus that was a fake one.

The problem with System Care Antivirus is that it disables running many security applications, including GridinSoft Trojan Killer, the tool that we recommend for its removal. In order to uninstall System Care scam we first need to stop its process. Then we will be able to run Trojan Killer to get rid of this hoax successfully. Please visit the direct removal guide by clicking the link below. There you will find out how to remove System Care rogue effectively.

Removal guide:

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