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Monday, May 20, 2013

Infected links may hack your Skype account

It has been noticed by our anti-malware laboratory recently that the serious virus is nowadays very active in attacking Skype accounts of many users. It is spread via some infected links. When the infection is inside the PC, it will hijack your Skype profile and will start sending unsolicited spam to various addresses, primarily those in your contacts. This, the account gets totally hacked, and many users are in panic after they encounter such a massive spam campaign going on their machines and attempting to attack many other users, primarily their friends, relatives and colleagues.

Once the Skype account gets hacked, the tricky message starts being spread to other addressees in Skype contacts. The message says something like "this is a very nice photo of you". There can be some other variations of the same tricky statement. All such messages are forwarded by some working link, which looks like[random symbols]/n/img005.jpg. Clicking such link will not produce the "expected" photo. Instead, this will bring malware into your computer if you execute the file downloaded as a result of clicking such malicious link. Hence, the new computer will become infected as well and will start working as another spam-sending machine.

Please be careful with links. Not all of them are malicious. Yet, when you get them on Skype preceded by the tricky statement that says: "this is a very nice photo of you", please never ever click such dangerous links. If you've clicked them by mistake, then immediately reset your Skype password (change it), notify your friends about the danger of such links, telling them not to click them and not to execute the files uploaded by them. Finally, scan your computer with reliable security software to remove all infections and worms off your computer.

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