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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Removal of tdefender.exe virus infection (Internet Security Pro rogue)

Internet Security Pro is a rogue AV with tdefender.exe as its core process these days. This is not the program to keep or to consider purchasing. Neither is this the software to rely upon in the matters of security protection. This tool is not able to render decent security for your system. Instead, it makes your PC vulnerable and “addicted” to plenty of other infections that have overwhelmed the Internet today. The rogue is spread via Trojan horses, fake Adobe Flashplayer downloads and even by means of social networks like Facebook. Nobody is fully protected from this malware. Regretfully, event the world’s most powerful anti-viruses sometimes fail to timely detect this infection and to prevent it from being installed onto computers. This is why you also now face this hoax in front of your desktop. But sometimes users fail to pay much attention to their personal cyber security. They think that they do not need any anti-virus program to protect them, thinking that viruses would never attack them. Well, there are several exceptions, of course, and some way or another, the virus manages to find the leak into your machine and thus makes its dwelling inside of it.

So, Internet Security Pro (a.k.a. tdefender.exe), upon successful penetration, amends your system registry in a manner that would allow it to be launched together with Windows OS. What an act of disregard to your personal preferences, isn’t it? Well, such behavior is peculiar to all rogue security programs, not just this malware sample. Just like all other fake anti-malware tools, tdefender.exe mimics the scan of your computer each time you turn it on and then detects various forms of infections allegedly identified by it during such scan. It scares you by saying that these infections must be removed immediately, however, it does not even allow you to attempt to clean your PC unless you first obtain its so-called licensed version. Now, speaking its licensed sample, it is not different from the trial one. Both of them are equally helpless and powerless to detect real security threats or to delete them effectively. So, be careful not to purchase this rogue, no matter how scary its fake warnings, notifications and ads are.

The bad thing about tdefender.exe scam is that it actually blocks your attempts to delete it. Simply ignore all faulty statements you get from this maware and keep up with the removal process. By using our tricks you will be able to download, install, update and run reliable anti-virus program and remove all threats it identifies. Please follow the guidelines set forth below.

Removal guide:

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