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Friday, August 9, 2013

Mcdefender.exe virus (detection and removal)

Mcdefender.exe is a process related to Internet Security fake antispyware (rogue security program). Without first stopping mcdefender.exe you will not be able to get rid of Internet Security malware and its annoing 'infected with W32/Blaster.Worm' popup alerts in the bottom-right section of your screen. Use the tips below that will explain how to kill mcdefender.exe running process and then effectively uninstall Internet Security scam.

Internet Security hoax knows how to trick users, especially the ones that aren’t aware of the truth about this scam. The program is a rogue anti-virus tool elaborated by online fraudsters specifically for the purposes of scaring unwary users with a lot of untrue and deceitful information. This is the typical behavior of all rogues, since they try to convince users as if they are some powerful anti-malware scanners and threat removers. The truth, however, is that these programs are useless and cannot protect your PC from serious malware threats.

You can surely expect that Internet Security virus will arrange many fake (imitated) scans of your PC once it enters it. Such scans are simply the ways to trick users into believing their system is in danger. The goal of them is to lead users to the stage when they will be advised by the malware to enter their credit/debit card details and thus to buy the totally powerless security software. Be not deceived by this junkware, it is not what it claims of itself. As we’ve mentioned already, the hackers prepared this badware for the sole goal of earning money with unfair methods, this is why you should by all means stay away from purchasing this useless system utility.

Instead of keeping this scam known as Internet Security you’d better get yourself prepared to its successful elimination. It is better that you remove this rogue automatically by following our removal instructions.

Removal guide:

Video instructions to kill the process of Internet Security virus:

Recommended software for rogue removal:

Internet Security virus removal tool

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  1. It is such a pity that no antivirus program is made which has 100% virus detection rate. We change antivirus programs every now and then to catch up different types of malwares and viruses.

    Silvester Norman
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