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Thursday, December 19, 2013

How to delete pop-ups is another pop-up related to the adware program running on your computer. The name of this adware could be random, however, the chances are that it will be from the same family as Tube Dimmer. Use this guide to help you neutralize pop-ups on your computer.

The adware program that causes pop-ups to appear on your computer is most commonly spread together with many other free programs which users download online and then install. So, you should be very careful when you install such free applications, making sure you do not install any other unwanted extras.

Generally these pop-ups from will tell that you need to complete some sort of survey in order to win the prize. This so-called prize could be an iPad (at least this is what is advertised). In reality, no prize has ever been won by any person so far. Instead, their personal information got stolen by hackers after users completed this fraudulent survey.

Please therefore ignore all annoying and malicious offers to complete the survey via site. This is dangerous, and, in fact, may infect your computer even more, with even more serious types of computer infections. To get rid of these pop-ups from your computer please follow the guide below.

Recommended software for pop-up removal: pop-up removal tool

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