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Friday, February 21, 2014

Windows Antivirus Suite removal tutorial

Following this guide will help you to get rid of Windows Antivirus Suite malicious program. This is the dangerous application developed by the team of cyber hackers who want to get your money into possession. Obviously, this program is helpless, but it will imitate system cleanup of your PC, telling you to pay money to get rid of fake infections invented by it. This guide will assist you in removal of this malware from your system.

Windows Antivirus Suite program has nothing to do with Windows operating system and Microsoft,Inc. This is obviosuly a bogus security tool, not capable of assisting you in virus removal. It comes to computers by means of variosu hacked and infected domains. This hoax is very dangerous, this is why you must immediately take all the important and quick measures to get rid of it fully from your workstation.

Windows Antivirus Suite initiates plenty of fake system scans of your system and then claims to find all kinds unreal infections. This is all presented by it for the purpose of scaring user into purchasing its fake license, which is just the total waste of time and funds on user's part (if paid for). This hoax will not assist you to delete real threats, in case they do get into your PC.

If you would like to remove Windows Antivirus Suite scam, then you will first need to activate it using its license code (activation key). This code can be obtained below. Then you will be capable of deleting this scareware by means of recommended utility as explained below. However if you have any issues removing this malware, please immediately contact us for further assistance.

Removal guide for Windows Antivirus Suite scam:

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Windows Antivirus Suite removal tool

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