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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Defender.exe virus file. Malware description and removal

Defender.exe is the virus file which is used as the main executable of malware and rogue programs, such as Security Protection and Malware Protection. Both of these rogue and fake anti-viruses have been described in this blog, as well as their removal free of charge, without the need to purchase any anti-virus program. If your computer has been infected with the viruses like Security Protection or Malware Protection it is first of all to realize that these are not the programs that you should keep or trust. Both of these applications are serious viruses which can essentially damage your system. You would not be able to run your desired applications (decent and reputable ones), you would not even be able to go to your Internet browser in order to have these viruses removed easily. There is one goal of such viruses – to make you really scared with the horrifying report of Security Protection or Malware Protection malwares. At the same time, all such reports are entirely fake and untrue. Most probably you do not have any other viruses on your computer except for Security Protection or Malware Protection. Still, you would get the offer from such fake anti-viruses as Security Protection or Malware Protection to buy their so-called full version to remove those fake threats, even though they don’t exist. Please bear in mind that by purchasing such virus programs you are simply losing your money. Not only that, but, additionally, you are actually supporting those criminals who developed these malware applications, for their further evil deeds.

So, what to do if your system got contaminated with Defender.exe virus? First of all, do not panic! Panic is what these crooks who developed Defender.exe virus want from you, so that they would be able to tell you what they want you to do. Be wise and stay away from purchasing these malwares or making any donations in favor of their elaborators. Needless to say, you need to remove it at once. I have prepared good video tutorial showing how to get rid of such viruses at no cost at all, just by following my simple removal instructions. Please watch the video carefully and remove this malware at once. I hope this post will be beneficial to you!

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