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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Security Defense virus. The removal video tutorial for Security Defense scam

Security Defense is a new fake system analysis tool that can create an illusion of your computer being in danger. It is outwardly the same as Security Protection virus. First of all we would like to say that Security Defense is a malware and you should not expect anything good from it against your system. The rouge is not new in its methods of work and methods of penetration to your system. Like many other viruses of this type Security Defense was developed but hackers who want to trick the money out of you for their malicious program. So, what exactly does the virus do? When you have it inside your system you will receive lots of messages and notifications about viruses and scams in your machine. It creates its own scams and threats in order to scare you, to make you think that your computer is in danger.

You can see some other system files and folders in your computer, not even yours. Security Defense will try to convince you that you need a good program that can handle those threats you have and that its product can and it will help you with that. But keep in mind that Security Defense creates false alerts and gives you false information. So, in general, your PC is clear and safe, except for this rouge. If you take a look at the virus' web page, there is a commercial version that wants to be paid for. Do not do that, the virus will not do any good thing for you, it only takes your money.

If you want to eliminate Security Defense from your system (and you should do this to protect your PC) you should either find the program that will remove the malware easily or do it manually. The section below shows the removal of Security Defense virus manually, for free, without paying any money for any particular program. This video lesson is quite a simple one for you to understand and to follow.

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