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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

6dss92c31apgjk.exe – the main executable of Data Recovery, Data Restore, Data Repair and System Restore viruses

6dss92c31apgjk.exe stands for the process of such malware applications as Data Recovery, Data Restore, Data Repair and, finally, System Repair (the latest rogue among them all). If you could look into the task manager of your computer you would be able to see this process running. If it’s running this means that your system is infected with one of these fake system defragmenters. The reason why we used the statement “if you could…” is because all such viruses and rogues block task manager, without letting user terminate their main process. However, don’t panic. Surely there is something you can do to have these trojans and hoaxes removed from your system, setting it free from malware aggression. Below please find the clear and helpful guidelines on restoring your system and removal of all the aforesaid threats from your workstation. The guidelines also contain the information about how to restore your files, folders, icons and desktop which seem to have disappeared after these viruses first dwelled inside of your PC. Again, don’t panic. Your files and folders are still on your computer, just patiently watch the video tutorials on how to restore them and to see them finally again.

Data Recovery virus removal:

Data Restore virus removal:

Data Repair virus removal:

System Restore virus removal:

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