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Monday, October 17, 2011

How to remove AV Protection Online fake security program?

Continuing the horrible practices of frightening so many users all over the world with the fabricated security warnings and bogus reports, AV Protection Online virus is the straight follower of its parents, such as AV Guard Online and simply Guard Online, as well as many other close rogues. It goes without saying that you should not keep them inside of your system. If you watch carefully what these malwares do for your computer you will indeed want to eliminate them immediately, without loitering.

Proceeding from the above-mentioned, purchasing AV Protection Online as instructed by this malware tool is in reality the complete waste of your funds. This is exactly what this tool wants from you – to make you give money for its so-called full or registered (commercial) version. The truth is that such version does not even exist. This is just the tactic applied by cyber hackers and criminals to make you believe that your computer is in real danger. You see, AVProtectionOnline would arrange the fictitious system scan of your PC once you switch it on. Then it would report thousands of viruses, bugs, from security problems to certain system bugs. Most probably there are no any serious threats in reality, whereas AV Protection Online itself is the only error and bug of your PC so far. It is, however, peculiar to AV Protection Online application to claim money from you. After it tells about all the aforesaid bogus reported problems and bugs it also claims it can repair them if you share some amount of money with it. This is the typical scam inherent to many similar rogue programs. Do not ever purchase this hoax and never disclose any of your private bank details to it. In order to remove the rogue and bogus security application please carefully watch the guidelines provided below, including the excellent and simple similar video lesson.

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