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Friday, October 21, 2011

The best parental control program for our children

At this very present moment our world is full of so much evil spreading around the globe. It is spread in the mass media, it is spread between people as they communicate with one another and, beyond any doubt, it is also spread via the contemporary information channels, such as Internet, television, e-mails and mobile/cell phones. Internet, e-mail and cell phones are, of course, the excellent resources which can be used as the great assistance to all our daily affairs. We can get answers to all sorts of questions arising during our daily living thanks to the Internet. We can communicate with one another without any distance barriers through e-mails and via cellular phones. However, all of the above-mentioned innovations are often abused by many people and used as a weapon against our children, our society and ourselves. The fact is that a lot of information which we receive via those channels can be rightfully described as extremely evil, sinful and filthy one. And this is the saddest reality of the present days.

Many parents now are quite worried for their young children not to be influenced by the wicked and sinful content which has spread around the world wide web. No doubt, they have some grounds to be worried about. Internet and especially television becomes very often the resource which is really corrupted and overwhelmed with plenty of destructive information. It is destructive not for the body but for the souls of those persons who constantly watch it. So, right now many parents are installing various kinds of softwares which would help them protect their children against all such filthy and wicket content flowing from the Internet and TV. Of course, it is good that there are such applications nowadays, but have you thought of the fact that even these computer tools will not really protect the hearts of your children against evil performed via Internet and TV? Well, regretfully, there are no barriers or programs which would repair the hearts of humans. Even if we block our computers, install many programs designed to protect your children from surfing filthy content still there remains another, quite a huge resource, and this is the society itself. We cannot and should not block our children from living in the society we all live in, even if this is a society that has forgotten about morals and about living the life according to the Biblical and God’s standards. One way or another, some day there comes the time when our children make their decisions themselves, even if we think they can’t make them. They make the decision whether to watch evil and sinful sites or not. They make the decision whether to keep viewing filthy TV programs or not. Eventually they make the decision whether to sin or to stay pure. Installing the parental control applications will not stop them from doing what they have already intended in their minds to do. But, as long as our children are still relatively young, there is something that we can definitely do on our part that would help them choose the right way of living, ignoring all the dirt and filthiness which has overwhelmed this world and its mass media. Here is what we as parents can do for our children to help them choose good and not evil:

  • As a parent, beginning from today, start living the pure life without being addicted to sins and amorality “preached” so actively in the mass media.
  • Not only should you stop doing evil but you must also start doing good. If you simply quit living ungodly life without substituting it with good deeds very soon the evil life you’ve lived will be resurrected in your body and soul again.
  • By performing the previous steps start showing the good example for your children to imitate you.
  • Take your child to some Bible class where good Christian morals are taught. Do not select just any class. Make sure to analyze what is taught there and who teaches the class.
  • Pray about your children to choose the good path of living without sin. Pray together with them and/or with your wife.
  • Read the Bible with your child and try to apply what you’ve read to your own life. Doing so will be the great example for your kids to apply in their lives.
  • Install good “parental control” program only after you’ve followed all previous steps.

We as parents need to realize that we are personally responsible for the fate of our children. What path will they choose? What heart will they have when they grow up? How will they treat us as parents once they grow up? It all depends greatly on our own examples we show then and on what information we invest into them. Beyond any doubt, investing Bible into the hearts of our offspring is a great remedy to help them choose the rightful way of living, the godly life, the life of a Christian.

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