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Saturday, November 3, 2012

PC Defender Plus malware removal instructions

PC Defender Plus is a good name for a security program, but performing the thorough testing of this program we’ve recently implemented brings us to the right conclusion that this is a fake antispyware utility that is extremely dangerous and hazardous. The program is a rogue that was developed specifically for the goal of scaring users with the bunch of fictitious information about the fake threats supposedly revealed during the bogus scan of this applications. The final intention of malware makers is to convince users to buy its fake and helpless so-called licensed version which is not even able to do what it promises. Thus, this is not a powerful defender at all. Its claims to become your PC’s shield are poorly grounded after carrying out the thorough analysis we’ve just implemented. What we discovered is that PC Defender Plus is a virus program with the most fraudulent intentions.

The infiltration process of PC Defender Plus virus is, of course, hidden from user’s attention. Nobody can terminate its installation procedure, thus the rogue implants itself into your computer without permission or consent. Immediately the virus begins to play the game of imitating the traits of some antivirus program. For example, it initiates fake system scans and reports bogus infections that aren’t even peculiar to your computer. They simply don’t dwell there. We will not be mistaken if we claim that PC Defender Plus is most probably the only virus available on your PC, with all its files, processes and registry entries.

Terminating the malicious processes of PC Defender Plus is not an easy undertaking. The hoax doesn’t allow simple launching or downloading of legitimate security programs to remove it. Likewise, running Task Manager might also be complicated, being followed by scary alerts of PC Defender Plus about supposed “infected” status of such 100% clean programs you attempt to execute. Of course, you can’t find the option to uninstall this application in the Control Panel of your computer.

Removal of PC Defender Plus hoax starts from utter ignoring of this application on your machine. Simply forget what it tells you about. Keep in mind that PC Defender Plus is a malicious application that has in mind to bring turmoil to your machine and to create a real mess inside of it. Furthermore, it wants to make you its victim when you mistakenly decide to buy its fake license (activation code) that cannot render the promised protection for your computer. Thus, hurry up to remove this pest from your system as soon as possible. The complete removal guide on how to do it is given in the link below.

Removal guide:

Removal video:

Recommended software for rogue removal:

malware removal tool

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