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Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to remove hijacker

The problem of your browser redirection via is the one that bothers many users today. This is often the result of the browser being hijacked, i.e. the search bar is implanted into it without user’s permission or knowledge. Yet, in some cases this search bar and its installer may be bundled with some other software user installs. In this case he/she often fails to uncheck the respective box, thus resulting in appearance of as the default page of your browser. Surely, this is not a very pleasant experience.

The creators of search bar promise to essentially enhance the search results. Yet, we strongly doubt that this promise will ever be kept. In fact, we’ve noticed many undesirable ads after we’ve searched for some information that was important for us. Instead of getting the results that we expected we saw a lot of undesirable content that didn’t coincide with our search expectations.

Getting rid of browser hijacker might not be an easy undertaking for you. The problem is that this search bar might not come with any uninstaller. Even after you remove it from your browser add-ons it may still cause the issue of browser redirection. In this case we strongly recommend you to follow the guidelines provided below on manual fixing of browser redirection issue. Good luck!

Removal guide:

Recommended software for malware removal:

malware removal tool

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