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Friday, March 29, 2013

Northumbria Police virus. How to remove

What is Northumbria Police virus? Why do users even associate Northumbria Police with a word "virus"? This is surely a good question to ask. Well, about a minute ago we saw one of the search queries from one of the UK residents who asked a question - how to remove Northumberland Police virus? Obviously, he probably meant Northumbria Police of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In fact, it is true that that this organization is not a virus and it is not associated with any virus at all. However, hackers use the good name of this governmental right-protecting agency for reaching their many malicious purposes. The name of this organization is used in ransomware virus lockers, which are the product of cyber frauds and online criminals who want to trick and deceive simple and law-abiding PC users.

Northumbria Police virus looks like a message on the screen of your computer, supposedly coming from this agency. This is a fake police warning, or course. It says that you were found watching a lot of illegal information over the Internet, downloading and spreading it among other users, as well as performing various other crimes online. The peculiarity of this fake police warning virus is that it completely disables your desktop and blocks it entirely. If this happened with your computer, please ignore this fake warning, which isn't related to Northumbria Police at all. Instead, please follow this guide that will help you unlock it effectively.

Removal guide:

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