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Tuesday, March 26, 2013 dangerous site hacks Facebook accounts and sends spam to your friends

By writing this article today we aim to urge all active Facebook users to be extremely careful these days when they encounter a web-site called www .wasvideo. com This site is extremely malicious and is responsible for hacking accounts on Facebook and sending massive unsolicited spam, but especially to your friends in Facebook account. According to the estimates, ab least 11,000 Facebook accounts were terribly hacked after the malicious link starting with wasvideo. com was clicked by users. Regretfully, it is quite possible that these malware attacks will continue in the nearest future. This fraudulent site is a form of online phishing, of which you must be warned ahead of time. Therefore, let us have a quick glance at wasvideo malicious site and emphasize the core steps users must undertake if their Facebook security was found to be compromised as described above.

The site www. wasvideo. com for phishing purposes hacks your Facebook account by means of a bogus (fake) login page. So, it suddenly happens that some user might receive a Facebook message allegedly from one of their friends in the list of contacts, that may contain approximately the following contents:

Are you in thiss videeo on FB Natalie:P Skip to 1:43 omggg lol. Tyype in wiithout spacces and search your name ——-> www .wasvideo. com

So,without knowing this is a scam, user might wonder whether he/she is in "thiss videeo". So, when he/she visits to find out the truth, the link automatically redirects user to another site called "". We use Mozilla Firefox, and luckily we were warned ahead of time about malware intrusion. The threat alert came up by Mozilla, saying: "Reported Web Forgery!", i.e. this stands for some kind of security threat that is "designed to trick you into revealing personal or financial information by imitating sources your may trust." To be more precise, here is what the Firefox alert stated in particular:

Reported Web Forgery!
This web page at has been reported as a web forgery and has been blocked based on your security preferences.
Web forgeries are designed to trick you into revealing personal or financial information by imitating sources you may trust.
Entering any information on this web page may result in identity theft or other fraud.

Please never ignore this important warning of Mozilla Firefox! Don't click this dangerous link on your home computer. At our security labs we use test computers (so-called virtual machines). So, in order to analyze the infection more thoroughly, we ignored this warning and so we visited We found out that and are the ideal copies of Facebook's signup page. Its outwardly identical to the real Facebook login page. So, when we clicked the malicious link, we saw the page, instead of

Please be advised of the fact that if your browser (whatever one you use) does not detect the malware and if you don't care what links you've clicked, then this warning can be easily missed. So, if you actually specify your real Facebook signup details, the website will hijack your Facebook page and the entire profile. Furthermore, it will be used to distribute even the larger number of www. wasvideo. com phishing messages to your many Facebook friends. So, this is exactly how the malware can be spread if you aren't careful enough.

So, what to do if your Facebook account got hacked as described above? If wasvideo. com got your Facebook login details, then you need to undertake certain immediate measures in order to secure your account. A good advise, of course, is to change your password at once. Make sure you always observe the warning signs saying that your Facebook account was hacked. Also, go to to check the case more thoroughly. Finally, you need to tell your Facebook friends to ignore any suspicious alerts and messages that they might have got from you or anybody else. You must also share the information about this type of cyber threat. It's a good idea to use the Facebook Share button above this post (or below) to spread this news for many other users in the online realm. Scan your system with reliable security software for complete computer cleanup. Good luck!

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