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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Computer locked by FBI Cybercrime Division scam (guide to unlock it)

It is a sad news again for the US nation. Their computers these days are being massively attacked by ransomware infections that are presented in the form of a fake message supposedly coming from FBI Cybercrime Division. The degree of the vulnerability of our computers these days is indeed very severe. Ransomware locker may attack any system, no matter how strongly it seems to be protected. Certain team of Russian hackers is behind this virus infection. There are two major large ransomware families today - Reveton and Urausy. Without delving too much into details, let us assert that the primary thing users should do in case their system got locked is to ignore the warning displayed on their system. So, if you see the warning from FBI Cybercrime Division on your screen please disregard its contents completely, sit down in front of your other clean computer, take a cup of coffee or tea and relax while reading these instructions on FBI warning message removal.

Just as a way to satisfy your curiosity, here is how the fake FBI Cybercrime Division warning looks like once it attacks the PC:

As you see, various logos of the US law enforcement organizations are used in this fake warning. In particular, we can see the logo of FBI, the US Department of Justice, Interpol and the ICSPA (International Cyber Security Protection Alliance). They're all used in order to scare users tremendously. In fact, the latest types of ransomware lockers even have a small window in the right-upper section of the ransomware's background. In this window you may see your personal image (video); this means that your webcam has been hijacked by the virus as well.

If your system got hijacked by the virus titled as FBI Cybercrime Division you should not worry! Scammers want you to panic, but you should not act according to their instructions. Instead, please follow the malware removal instructions below that will help you neutralize this threat from your system and unlock it.

Removal guide:

Recommended software for ransomware removal:

malware removal tool

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