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Friday, April 19, 2013

Remove from your browser (uninstall guide)

This article contains uninstall guidelines to remove Portaldosites off your browser. Portaldosites is a browser-hijacking application that can attack any popular browser these days. This, of course, includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. Millions of users consider Portaldosites’ presence on their systems as annoying. We surely agree with them. Of course, there are some strong grounds for such considerations. So, how to get rid of as the start page of your browser?

First, let us mention that isn’t a real malware or virus in the complete meaning of these words. This is the combination of adware and browser redirecting application that serves for the purpose of bringing traffic to certain goods or services promoted at this site.

How does Portaldosites get into your system in the first place? This is a good question, of course. It’s surely worth saying that in many cases this takes place with your direct participation. Let’s say you’ve found certain good free program online (freeware) and would like to install it on your system as soon as possible. You launch the installer, keep up with the installation procedure, click “Next” buttons repeatedly without reading the contents of the windows presented in the installation dialogue (Install Wizard). And this is a mistake, of course. Many of such installs come bundled with the installer of Portaldosites browser add-on. This is clearly specified during the installation process, and there’s even an option to choose the custom installation instead of the standard one. This gives a chance to uncheck the box responsible for bringing add-on into your browser. Yet, users often fail to be attentive during the installation procedure, clicking “Next” again and again without reading carefully what they actually install. Hence, once the installs are accomplished successfully, your browser is now burdened with as its start page. As we’ve mentioned in the very first paragraph, this may occur with any browser which is set as your default one.

So, now all your search queries will be redirected via The creators of this add-on promise to really enhance your search experience by sorting the most relevant results. Yet, we strongly doubt that this will always be successful and meeting user’s requirements. According to the opinion of many users, the presence of as the start page isn’t a very pleasant experience. Thus, they want to get rid of this add-on that causes redirects as soon as possible.

How to uninstall Portaldosites successfully? Keep in mind that this can’t be done simply by running some security software. What you need is to perform some manual steps, before running the security software. Among the most necessary steps we can recommend you to remove anything associated with Portaltosites from the Control Panel, in the section where you add or remove programs. Also, get rid of any add-ons associated with Portaldosites (by managing the add-ons of your browser). Reset the HOSTs file to restore it to the default status. Finally, scan your system with reliable security software. If this doesn’t help you remove, then go ahead and follow the additional guide that will settle things down and fix the problem of your browser redirecting your search via

Removal guide:

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