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Monday, April 22, 2013

Uninstall Vista Security Cleaner Pro (removal instructions)

Can’t remove Vista Security Cleaner Pro? Then this is the guide that will help you get rid of the fake anti-spyware application off your computer. The program uses illegal ways of entering into already infected systems with compromised security. Obviously, it doesn’t have decent intentions for doing this. The purpose of this application is to make as many victims as possible through making users pay money for the idle security software that can’t really make your system secure.

Coming to computers without user’s permission or even consent, Vista Security Cleaner Pro self-installs itself in a hidden manner. Users obviously do not participate in this installation process. Once it is over the program additionally tunes up your system for the purpose of being self-launched automatically each time you turn the computer on. Immediately the program begins scanning your system for availability of viruses, yet surely this is a fake scanning. The rogue only imitates detecting infections; all threats reported by it are invented. To say more clearly, Vista Security Cleaner Pro isn’t even able to identify those threats that are really severe. And when they do attack your computer this application will turn out to be totally useless and helpless when it comes to malware removal.

The saddest part of the story about Vista Security Cleaner Pro is when users actually agree to buy its license. The trick of the program to act so is revealed after the fake system scan by this hoax is over. Immediately the rogue tells that in order to have the threats neutralized you need to buy its full version. Obviously, this is a scam, and the worst part is that this hoax isn’t able to remove real threats off your system. Hence, please do not buy this fake anti-malware program impersonating the name of Vista Security Cleaner Pro. It cannot clean your computer. What it can do is make your system even more vulnerable to system threats. So, ignore its faulty alerts and notifications and hurry up to delete this scam from your computer as soon as possible by following the guidelines outlined below.

Removal guide:

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