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Friday, April 5, 2013 - site related to AVASoft Professional Antivirus (rogue)

Do you think that the site is clean? Generally speaking, if you visit it directly, you will not find anything extremely malicious there. You may download the program called Antivirus Security 2013 there, and this one isn't considered malicious either. It will scan your system and possibly will find certain real vulnerabilities and threats. Obviously, there might be some false positives as well, but this doesn't make it a rogue security tool. So, everything seems to be quite fine with . Yet, there's one slight deviation from the above-said positive facts we mentioned about this site. The bad or even the worst part about it is the fact that is associated with payment processing for the rogue security program called AVASoft Professional Antivirus, of which we previously published an article in our blog.

AVA Soft is a dangerous application. It comes to computers without user's permission. Its installation isn't authorized by you. The hoax self-starts itself whenever you want to use your system. It runs the bogus scan and reports many fake infections. This is done to scare you tremendously into believing your system is in danger. If you attempt to run your browser to download some security program to remove AVASoft scam, you will see a scary warning from the rogue that will state that the file you're going to download or execute is infected. This generally will be formalized in the form of AVASoft Professional Antivirus Firewall Alert. Obviously, this is a fake firewall which isn't good for anything. It tells about the infections that don't really exist in cyber world, such as SVCHOST.Stealth.Keylogger or Lsas.Blaster.Keylogger.

The goal of AVASoft Antivirus is to force users to buy its fake license. Obviously, this is the waste of funds, because the threats reported by this rogue are all but fake. This is not the case with Antivirus Security 2013. Yet, the danger about the site is that it arranges payment processing for AVASoft Professional Antivirus rogue security program. And, therefore, this is an obvious sign of the danger associated with this web site. Many users have been brutally deceived by this scam, thinking that this hoax will be able to clean their computer from those fake threats. By purchasing this malware they simply wasted their funds and transferred them in favor of the crooks. Hence, don't trust Stay away of this malicious site, which earns money for the crooks. Instead, please follow the removal instructions below to delete it effectively.


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