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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How to get rid of Face Smooch?

This guide explains how to remove Face Smooch search bar off your browser. Face Smooch is a program that can be easily downloaded online. Technically, we can’t categorize it as a virus. The process facesmooch.exe isn’t a malware in a complete meaning of this word. Yet, we do consider it is as potentially unwanted, because often its presence may cause unpermitted redirection of browsers available on computers where Face Smooch is installed.

What is Face Smooch anyway? According to the information we obtain via its site, this application offers the large variety of smileys, emoticons and icons for chatting online through social networks like Facebook and many others. It also offers weather forecasting services, radio stations and even some free games for users who agree to install this tool. But here is where the trap might be. Upon installing this app onto system users sometimes fail to notice that they’re actually installing something else. This can be the Face Smooch toolbar which will be integrated into the browser (no matter which one you actually use). As a result, Face Smooch search bar will become the default one of your browser (including Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, of course).

What’s more scary about Face Smooch is that its installer may be also bundled with some other potentially threatening applications like PC Cleaners Pro, PC Optimizer Pro, PC Utilities Pro, etc. These are not virus programs, but they report certain fake system problems and ask users to pay money for the full version of such utilities supposedly to fix these unreal troubles. Of course, you may easily download and install Face Smooch from various resources. Some of them are trusted and quite secure. Yet, this doesn’t mean that the behavior of Face Smooch application is considered as decent on the machine where it got installed. As we’ve mentioned, this program may cause serious browser redirections which are very annoying and may lead to malware being subsequently brought into the computer.

So, how to avoid browser redirection via Face Smooch? First of all, even if you do wish to install this tool onto your PC, make sure that you always read what else you install, together with the primary application. Make sure that you uncheck all other unwanted stuff, add-ons, etc. In other words, always opt for the custom installation and not the standard one. Finally, if your browser keeps redirecting you via Face Smooch toolbar, follow the guide below that will help you fix this problem and remove Face Smooch as the start page of it.

Example of Face Smooch removal from Mozilla Firefox:

In order to remove a possibly unwanted extension, please act in the following manner:

  • When in the Mozilla Firefox window click the Firefox button at the top left and select Add-ons, or, if the Firefox button is not revealed, click the Tools menu and click Add-ons.
  • As soon as the Add-on Manager opens in a new tab, click the Extensions button on the left side of the window.
  • You will now see a list of your installed extensions on the right side together with buttons on the right side of each extension.
  • In order to get rid of an extension from Firefox, simply click the Remove button. You should see a message that informs you about the successful removal of the add-on.
  • Note that some add-ons require a Firefox reboot to be deleted completely. To perform a Firefox restart after the add-on removal, click the Restart now link in the message.

Removal of Face Smooch from other browsers should be carried out in a similar manner. If this didn't help you, please visit the additional removal guide below.

Detailed browser redirection removal guide:

Recommended software for system cleanup:

malware removal tool

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