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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Remove Internet Security 2013 (amsecure.exe) virus

This is the guide that explains removal of a new rogue called Internet Security 2013. What do we know about this kind of malware? Internet Security 2013 program you see depicted at the screenshot is surely far away from being a decent anti-malware application to protect your computer while you surf the web. Instead, this program is a fake antivirus application that has the cruelest and the most fraudulent intentions ever. Amsecure.exe is its main process, which is extremely malicious. Why is it so? This is because this process can't be easily terminated, thus preventing users from removing the scam.

The bad thing about Internet Security 2013 program is that it surely overestimates its capabilities of detecting and removing infections. So, it basically reports those threats that were invented by it. What's even worse, it then asks users to buy the so-called licensed version of it in order to have those bogus infections deleted. Obviously, this will be the imitation of system cleanup. Hackers who are owners and developers of Internet Security 2013 fake AV plan to earn as much money as possible by forcing users to pay money in their favor through buying the hoax. In order to push users to such actions, the crooks run massive malware-spreading campaign these days directed at infecting as many computers as possible. Thus, the majority of countries today have become the targets of this scam that names itself as Internet Security 2013.

Obviously, Internet Security 2013 doesn't use legal ways of entering computer systems. It implants itself without user's permission or even consent. The installation of the rogue is hidden; the malware additionally tunes up your system in order to be self-launched automatically with every system startup. The GUI of the hoax comes up each time user turns the PC on. So, immediately the hoax starts running the fake scan of your computer and then, once the fake scan is visually completed by the rogue AV, the fake report is presented about various infections allegedly identified by it during the fake scan of your computer.

So, what should you do with the fake report about various infections detected by Internet Security 2013 scam? Well, simply ignore it. There are no such infections as ones reported by this scareware. All these faulty statements have only one thing in mind - to slowly but steadily lead user to buying its fake registered version, which is not capable of detecting or deleting real security threats and infections.

it is surely a sad thing to realize that some users have already become the victims of Internet Security 2013 scam. So, they paid money for its bogus license, thinking that those fake threats really exist on their computers. If you are one of such tricked and scared users, the victims of the rogue, then go ahead and immediately dispute the charges made via your good bank. Finally, please follow the guidelines below that will help you remove Internet Security 2013 malware from your system effectively.

Detailed removal steps:

  • Terminate the virus process by going to Start->Run, then taskkill.exe /F /IM amsecure.exe . If you failed to terminate the process from the initial attempt you might try doing it several times.
  • Once the malware process is killed (terminated) you may use your browser to download GridinSoft Trojan Killer for virus removal.

Removal guide:

Recommended software for malware removal:

malware removal tool

Internet Security system modifications:

Internet Security system process(es):


Internet Security file(s) added:


Internet Security registry entry (entries) added:

HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Internet Security"

Recommended software for rogue removal:

malware removal tool

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