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Friday, June 14, 2013

Btdefender.exe virus process. How to remove it

Btdefender.exe is the malicious process of Internet Security virus (and other rogue security programs with similar interface and other name variations). This type of fake anti-virus application comes to vulnerable computer without user’s consent or approval. This very penetration may take place by means of Trojan horses, malicious and infected links, downloads from non-secure resources and even while using the account of social networks like Facebook. Some cyber hackers originate the massive spam attacks in Facebook and via e-mail accounts using links that lead to malware installation platforms and thus bring these viruses into PCs.

Once the malware is successfully installed to infected computer it would amend the system registry in order to be launched automatically each time you turn your computer on. So, the rogue would come up in front of the desktop each time user turns the PC on. The malware would initiate the fake scan of targeted computer, afterwards reporting various types of fake infections supposedly identified by it. The aim of the rogue is to make user scared with the multitude of bogus infections this malware supposedly finds. The next step for this hoax would be to prompt user into paying for the licensed version of this malware application. It would tell that its full commercial version is what redeems your PC from all those fake threats allegedly detected by it. Some users have paid for this rogue and thus made a very serious mistake on their part. The chances are that they will never ever get their money back from these cyber frauds.

Please be wise not to become one of their victims. Do not ever pay for this totally useless, helpless and powerless rogue security software. Ignore its bogus ads, popups, warnings and other security notifications. Finally, remove the virus using the reliable anti-malware application. You may select one of them in the respective panel of this blog. The malware does not block your browser from downloading and installing legitimate anti-virus to remove it. However, it will give the warning that the file you attempt to download is infected with of the worst and horrible infections. Simply ignore this notification and follow the malware removal instructions below. This is how the malicious process called btdefender.exe can be completely terminated.

Removal instructions:

Recommended software for rogue removal:

malware removal tool

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