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Friday, June 14, 2013

Itdefender.exe virus (Internet Security Protection malware)

Itdefender.exe is the main process of Internet Security rogue anti-spyware application. It causes far more problems that it can fix. In fact, this program is the source of many problems your computer probably has now. The hoax has the same interface as Windows Health Keeper and many other similar rogues originating from this clan of bogus anti-viruses. Similar to previous modifications, such online threat is spread by means of trojans that get inside the computer through security vulnerabilities detected. If you have traced this scareware on your workstation, remember that this is a threatening, spyware-like tool that should be deleted without any sort of hesitation. Itdefender.exe gets distributed without any kind of user’s authorization asked and then amends the PC for the purpose of making it obey its instructions. Please do not hesitate to disregard every notification and warning showed by this malicious software. The main reason why it shows bogus PC scanners and notices is because it aims to scare you and then prompt you into buying its useless licensed version. Don’t forget that you should never effect the payment for Internet Security commercial version which promises to aid you in deleting “malwares” identified on your workstation. You should simply disregard its notifications and delete this hoax naming itself as itdefender.exe.

When attempting to frighten its victims, itdefender.exe will be initiating itself every time computer is launched. Its scareware campaign is in addition followed by various sorts of notifications and bogus reports that tell of thousands of security threats allegedly detected. Still, all these notices are fabricated and must never be treated as serious. In the majority of the cases, these ‘threats” are system files created by the same itdefender.exe rogue that don’t represent any danger, or these could even be some essential system files that are necessary for trouble-free system performance.

In order to get rid of itdefender.exe it is recommended that you first reboot your computer into safe mode with networking and then go to this site again and download recommended security software (described in the right panel of this blog) to delete this scam from your computer. Once again, please don’t make the serious mistake some users have made when they followed the instructions of this hoax and paid for it. Instead, please follow the guide to delete itdefender.exe from your computer.

Removal guide:

Recommended software for rogue removal:

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