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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wmdefender.exe virus process termination

Wmdefender.exe is a brand new process of Internet Security virus (rogue antispyware application). This program is a hoax that was designed by hackers that want to rip users off and to make them effect payment for the totally useless and fake anti-spyware application. The tool acts like some anti-malware scanner, but this is simply the method of convincing users to trust into this fake AV practice and its malicious intentions on the attacked machine. Keep in mind that instead of buying this scareware you must get rid of it without delay by downloading legitimate security software.

It still must be underlined that Internet Security fake antivirus makes your system function really slowly. It gets launched automatically each time you turn your computer on, and immediately it runs its bogus scan of your PC that is followed by the fake reports about various threats supposedly revealed. Nothing reported by this rogue should be treated as a serious, but the very rogue program is quite threatening for your security, because it may bring other, more severe enemies into your system.

For successful removal of Internet Security malware from the infected system it is recommended that you follow the guidelines below.

Detailed removal guide:

Removal steps:

  1. Download explorer.exe from
  2. Save explorer.exe to your desktop.
  3. Start explorer.exe.
  4. In the empty line type Internet Security.
  5. Kill the process of Internet Security virus (wmdefender.exe).
  6. Download and run GridinSoft Trojan Killer to remove all infections on your PC.

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Recommended software for rogue removal:

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