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Friday, August 2, 2013

Attentive Antivirus removal tool

You should be very careful with Attentive Antivirus application. This program is a rogue, what we mean by this term is that it reports various threats with your computer and then tells that it can remove them all if only you pay for its licensed version, but in reality this device is not able to clean your PC from infections. So, when the hoax offers you to buy its license, please ignore its suggestions completely. Do not even pay attention to its bogus system scans and fake virus reports. Removal of this junkware is what should be done you users immediately when they see this malware tool on their PCs.

As it has been already mentioned above, the program runs fake system scans of your computer. It is peculiar that it does this each time you turn your computer on, without your consent or permission. Such unauthorized startup is peculiar to many rogue anti-spyware applications, as well as presentation of fake threats reports after imitated system scans. So, this is exactly what we encounter after the rogue has completed its scan. It tells about various threats, but they aren’t even peculiar to your computer. The hoax simply tries to scare you into believing that your system is in a serious danger and then tells you to buy its fake licensed version to have all threats removed. But, as we said, this license is helpless and the viruses reported by this scam are all but fake. So, as you see, paying for this program’s full (registered) version is the waste of your money, nothing else.

Remove Attentive Antivirus immediately if you see it on your computer. For this purpose it is desirable that you first restart your system into safe mode with networking. Then please carefully follow our malware removal instructions to effectively delete Attentive Antivirus scam.

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